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Jeremy.Green LLC is a technology business and development consulting firm located in Alexandria, Virginia, specializing in smart, fast, and scalable web solutions. Jeremy.Green is led by the husband and wife team of Jeremy and Erin Green. Jeremy and Erin are both individually accomplished in their fields and have complimentary skillsets that allow for a flexible, nimble solution.

Jeremy has been professionally developing websites since 2007. His development experiences include modern development best practices like Agile, continuous integration, test-driven-development, and working with open source content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, and Jekyll.

Erin has been working in project management and business development since 2008. She has worked in hospitality, Federal and State government, and analytic organizations developing and managing business development processes and projects.

One of our principles is constant internal communication. We are organised into interdisciplinary project teams and work closely alongside one another throughout the entire duration of the project.

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What We do

What We Do

Constant iteration

Iteration in the form of continuous checks is important. This enables us to keep an eye on everything and guarantee the high quality of our work. Everyone plays a role in helping to validate the results early on, not just on the day of the launch.

Collaborative team work

Transparency through integration: by involving our clients in our workflows, we can offer them a permanent insight into our progress, thereby increasing the quality of the results.

Long-term support

Our work doesn't end when your website goes online or your campaign is launched. We plan beyond that and support our clients and projects in the long term.

Jeremy.Green provides a range of services including technology strategy, project management, website development, website optimization, and implementaton. We specialize in helping the client scale their front-end experience through speed and performance monitoring. Not sure which Content Management System to use? We can help you define the necessary technology stack to support small content updates or hundreds of pieces of content daily.

Front End Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Sass
  • Pagespeed & Site Performance

Back End Skills

  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Node.js

Content Management Systems

  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Jekyll

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins
  • Grunt

Other Technologies

Jeremy has experience with various project management tools such as Jira, Basecamp and Asana. His preferred version control software is Git. He also has years of experience working with email marketing templates and clients such as Sailthru, MailChimp and Silverpop. Skilled in Adobe Creative Cloud, Jeremy is able to take mockups and make them reality.

Let's Work Together

Case studies

Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of the projects that Jeremy has worked on with various roles and responsibilities for each project. Some were custom builds from the ground up and others were inherited and improved upon. Jeremy loves taking on new and exciting projects as well as providing support for older projects that still need maintenance.

Visit Slate Picks Screenshot of Slate Picks

Slate Picks

My first Angular project. I set up the project in Angular using Yeoman. The static assets are served through an AWS S3 bucket with a vanity domain in front of it.

Visit GCORR Screenshot of GCORR


This site is built using Drupal and uses the Isotope jQuery library to handle the tile transitions. On the backend, the site has a custom theme and several custom modules.

Visit Human Rights First Screenshot of Human Rights First

Human Rights First

I took over development on the site after the initial content migration and base theme was set up. I built out a lot of custom views and templates to make this site come together.

Visit Quacking Around Screenshot of Quacking Around

Quacking Around

Powered by Wordpress, I designed the site to have no scrollbars. I use constants to resize the background images to proportionally fit the screen.

These were some fun and interesting projects where Jeremy got to unleash his passion for highly scalable architecture and pixel perfect implementations. The projects ranged in price and effort depending on the client needs. Have a great idea? Contact us and tell us about it!

Let's Work Together

Contact Us

Contact Us

Let’s build something great together.

Create websites that function as beautifully as they look.

We work with small and medium-sized businesses, design teams and agencies, building fast, responsive and usable website front-ends, with strong focus on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design and performance.

If you’re a designer or a design agency looking for someone to implement your designs in a responsive, performant manner, then we're happy to hear from you. Feel free to send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The more details you can give me about your projects, the faster we can get back to you.

What we don't do

We don't do graphic design.

We don't do backend optimizations and server configuration.

We don't do rushed jobs.

Contact us and we can discuss your needs. We will be happy to put you in contact with someone who specializes in the skillset you seek.

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